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Bell Of The Ball Gold Formal Dog Dress

Bell Of The Ball Gold Formal Dog Dress

Manufacturer: ER
Price: $199.99
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Treat your pet to this designer Couture Dog Dress in a embroidered gold netting over gold organza. Spectacular with hundreds of hollogram sequins. Layers of Tulle Gold satin lined.. A harness ring has been added. I guarantee when you take your little dog for a walk in the park in the sunlight you will need sunglasses as this dog outfit will blind youwith shine!

Standard Sizing

For Ordering Standard Sizes Please Order By Length Only Enter size Only Do Not Enter Neck and Girth Measurement.

Size 8 Neck 7-8.5 Girth 10 to 12 Length 8"

Size 10 Neck 8-9" Girth 12 to 13 Length 10"

Size 12 Neck 8.5-10" Girth 13 to 15 Length 12"

Size 14 Neck 10"-14" Girth 15 to 18 Length 14

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